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About Gwadar

Information About Gwadar

Gwadar is a district along the sea in south of the Makran. The coastline of Gwadar District is about 600 Kilometers long. Gwadar was notified as a District in July, 1977 with its headquarter at Gwadar Town. Previously it used to be a part of Makran District.
Gwadar district is located from 25`-01` to 25`-45` North latitudes and from 61`-37` to 65`-15` east longitudes. It is bounded on the North by Kech and Awaran District. On the East by Lasbela District, on the south by the Arabia Sea and on the West by Iran. Total area of the district is 12,637 square kilometers. The district comprises of Gwadar and Pasni Sub-divisions:

Gwadar City development

A master plan for the development of Gwadar City with land zoning and internal infrastructure networks was approved by the Government of Pakistan in 2003. The Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is charged with the execution of this master plan. A major part of its current work program is focused on the fast-track construction of roads, other infrastructure and public buildings. The provincial government of Balochistan has started with the development of infrastructure for the industrial areas that are located east of the city. Related to this rapid development, the population growth rate of Gwadar has accelerated during the past two years. The current population of Gwadar city is estimated at around 85,000 and is expected to reach half a million in about five years.

Gwadar District Demography

Gwadar district covers a coastal zone. Main towns within this zone are Pasni, Gwadar and Jiwani (near the border with Iran)Estimated population in 2004: 215,000 (Gwadar district)

  • Geographic area – 12.637 sq. km.
  • Population density – 14.7 person per sq.km
  • Coast line – approximately 300 km
  • Population of Gwadar city – estimated 80,000
Land distances from Gwadar
  • Quetta 970 Km
  • Turbat 165 Km
  • Gabd 120 Km
  • Karachi 630 Km
  • Ratodero 892 Km