Latest News: "The Prime Minister directed maintenance of designed depth of Gwadar port, and release of funds for dredging."The Prime Minister directed to engage international reputed consultant to plan and suggest regulatory regime for Gwadar City Development Plan including zoning laws, building codes and byelaws, architectural gridlines for making it a green and smart port city

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Currently, Pakistan has two main operating international deep-sea ports: Karachi Port and Port Qasim. During the coming years, their capacity expansion programs are unlikely to keep pace with the expected growth in demand, resulting in a need for a third port to fill the gap. In particular, Karachi Port has significant physical limitations and will not be able to grow at the same speed as the national growth in demand over the coming decades.    Learn more


Gwadar Port is emerging as the third port of Pakistan - Karachi and Port Qasim being the other two. Gwadar borders on Arabian Sea and lies in the Balochistan Province. Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of Persian Gulf and outside the Straits of Hormuz. It is near to the key shipping routes used by the mainline vessels in the region with connections to Africa, Asia and Europe and enjoys high commercial and strategic significance..   Learn more

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Gwadar Port Civic Center

The Ministry of Ports and Shipping and Gwadar Port Authority initiated the Project of building a modern Civic Centre Building in the heart of the Gwadar City to set a model for the upcoming buildings in the future and to develop the underprivileged area of Gwadar in particular and Balochistan in general.
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